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I have worked with Christina as both a professional colleague and grad school classmate. She is more than the wind in the sails - she is a conscientious coach and guide. In a digital world where anyone can inspire and influence, Christina stands above the rest with her thoughtful, grounded approach to helping others chart a course to achieving their goals, and making sustainable, lasting improvement and change.

Christina is a dynamic presenter and speaker, honest mentor and skillful navigator. Among her many talents, clarity and clear communication define her style. A thoughtful listener and observer, she cuts through the clutter, identifying challenges and opportunities that others just don't see.

If you are making a change and want only to be assured of your own opinions, there are others who will do that. If you want a truly comprehensive solution, I recommend talking to Christina. 

Anne Harber - Communications Specialist/Business Development

To Whom It May Concern 

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Christina Allison for the past several months. At her direction, we’ve begun to conceptualize the WGLI vision to create a comprehensive business plan that is strategic in scope. Christina is truly brilliant, she has been able to capture abstract ideas and help us identify how they fit into the greater scheme of things.

She has asked the tough questions, challenged our assumptions in order to surface beliefs that may be limiting, and reinforced the importance of our shared vision. She has helped us come together and create a renewed sense of hope and mutual understanding. I admire her dedication and sense of conviction. She has shown us that she has a vested interest in seeing us succeed.

She believes that we can deliver programs that speak to women all over the world. Programs that address personal and professional leadership development, that build competency and confidence. She believes and sees the possibility. More importantly, she helps manifest the dream!

Therefore, I unreservedly recommend Christina as a Business Coach and consultant. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call me.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call me.


Diana Ruiz, President

Women’s Global leadership Initiative


Diana Ruiz - Women's Global Leadership Initiative

Christina is an amazing business coach. She has the gift to be in conversation with people which allows them to open up and talk about their true passions, the areas of their lives that give them fulfillment and joy.

Christina is then able to work with them to attain those passions which allow individuals to increase their incomes because they are doing what truly makes them happy.

Janice Langan - Personal Stylist for Men

Christina is highly skilled in her coaching. She has hugely helped me to get out of my way and grow as a person and in business. She is intuitive and can help you grow if you want to be helped. I thoroughly trust her and am grateful.

Carolyn Besse - Owner Sweet Expectations Bakery

Christina is a phenomenal person to work with. Her approach is more like that of a counselor: she truly listens to where you are, not only physically in your business but psychologically and emotionally as well. She enables you to view your situation from a different perspective and gives you tools and encouragement that take the fear out of moving forward with your business. I highly recommend Christina; especially if you are leary about working with a business coach. She makes working with a coach enjoyable - and profitable!

Karen Ball - Proneo Insurance Agency